Skeptics with Bad Science

First of all, the Bible is not a book of how but a book of why. Its emphasis is not Science but the relationship between man and God. It is also fair to say that there is no way to prove of God's existence, not even with Science. However, armed with "bad Science", skeptics believed that they can prove that the Bible is a mistake. The skeptics were not entirely to blame, some of us(Bible believing geeks) tried too hard, and read meanings into text that was not meant to be statements of sciencetic facts.

For a long time(over 30 years), I had been following the development of Science regarding the Universe and Life, and it was a roller coaster ride, just like the nutirition values of coffee and eggs, one moment it is bad for you and then it is all good and healthy.

Instead of stumbling over the seemingly contradicting facts, i found that the numerous accuracies in the Bible amazingly uncanny, and demands that we study it deeper and not throw it aside because of our limited understanding of Science within our life time.

All these series of "six-days" writings are summary of the questions that my own children encounter while growing up, especially the special moment that they questioned the Biblical text against the limited Science that they were taught at school.

Only the Bible in its original text is considered and accepted by most Christian to be without errors (YES, there are Christians that believes that the Bible is preserved with errors for our benefits). However, most of us cannot read the original language that it was first written, and hence stumble over the apparent error in translation.

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