what is the genesis controversy?

What is the Genesis Controversy?"

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author: Milton Choo
date: 16th July 2013


There are no doubt many controversies surrounding the Bible and its claims, hence believe in God and Jesus is always a question of faith. However, if one is to be shaken in faith by the evidence, it will be wise to make sure that the evidence is based on solid science.

THE SKEPTIC'S ANOTATED BIBLE anotated bible is out to prove that the Bible is not reliable as a source of God's inspired relevation, hence some of the debate points are really trivia, especially the picking of meanings of subjective words against the historical context. Arguments to that level of details is not what i am after.

However, it did a relative good job of highlighting the "bad science" behind some of the Genesis's events surrounding the creation of the Earth, Plants and Animals. What i am interested in is also the actual "science" behind how it is done?

Some of the scientific evidence called into arguments by most skeptics are as follow:


Sometimes, i really admire the faith of the young earth creationist, they can speak with a straight face and deny all the scientific evidence provided and insists that the Earth is actually about six thousand years old and all the scientific dating techniques are flawed. This effectively put-off thousands of scientist that had spent most of their lives developing more and more sophisticated dating techniques (the tell what is the time's dating not the boy-girl dating's dating).

There is actually no need to fight tooth and nails with the scientists, the laws of Special and General Relativity had been proven by experients to be true beyond doubt, and these two laws basically says that Time-Space are related, time and space will change to make the speed of light constant. Hence, six days for God can be 13.7 billion years from Earth, it just depends on which space-time bubble you are currently residing.


Most scienctist now accepts that the Universe has a begining. And that the big-bang theory, in the many versions that exists, explained the beginning of the Universe. All will agree that the Universe is a glowing hot plasma near the beginning. This is the first light. NASA WMAP 2003 PORTRAIT1.JPG

This first light that escaped into the Universe was accidentally discovered by two radio engineers in 1964, they won the nobel physics' prize in 1978 for the discovery of this Cosmic Background Radiation, the relic radiation from the big-bang. Since then scientist had been trying to image the first light and the latest 2003 picture captured by NASA is on the right. Read more on NASA's website: The Oldest Light in the Universe


Since the English word use to translate the Hebrew "yom" is "day", it became a problem as six days is only six-24 hours, while the Universe, by most scientifically measured account is 13 to 14 billions of years old. It further complicates matter when at the close of each "day", there was a pattern of light and darkness recorded in Genesis 1. This pattern of light and darkness is used by young earth creationist to support their argument that the literal "day" is the 24 hours day. Another problem arises in that the Sun and Moon were only put in place on the 4th "day", so what is really a "day" before the Sun and Moon were around to mark it as a "day"?.

You can read the online summary of the darkness and light pattern for the first three days on this website here.


I will write more about this online soon. But if you cannot wait, you can always read my book which gave a radical explanation, different from current existing ideas. However, I have to break afew accepted scientific assumptions to do so, i relied and build on the Cool Early Earth Theory and judging from the one paragraph entry on wikipedia, it is not that popular as it does challenge the currently accepted Hadean(hot as hades), Archean beginnings.

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